Balance Training and Fall Prevention

Falls are the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and a leading cause of injury deaths. The most common reason for hospital admission of older adults is due to traumatic falls, and approximately one in three adults over the age of 65 will experience a fall at least once this year.

Red Canyon Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive balance and fall prevention program that offers individualized treatment that reduces the risk of falls and improves mobility. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment in conjunction with innovative therapy techniques to provide our balance patients with the industry-leading care they deserve.

While age is a factor behind a majority of falls, balance disorders can affect individuals of all ages as a result from a variety of causes such as orthopedic conditions, vision complications, low blood pressure, neurological conditions, stroke, head injuries, and inner ear disorders. If untreated, balance disorders can lead to injurious falls.

A Woman Helping a Man to Walk With a Walking Stick

Physical Therapy to Reduce the Risk of Falls

Balance training exercises such as leg lifts have shown to be an effective method to prevent falls.  Our therapist will also have you complete certain balance maneuvers to strengthen your core and improve your walking ability while developing stronger muscles. We focus on increasing the safety of daily tasks, such as walking and carrying groceries, that could cause you to fall. Our programs also include strength and aerobic training, and education on how to control and reduce your risk of falling.

This takes the coordinated effort of the therapist and patient. Our therapist will evaluate your balance, coordination, and vestibular system function, with the goal of stabilization. We work closely with you to develop an individualized care and treatment plan. Treatment options may include balance activities, visual system training, repositioning maneuvers, or a combination of these methods to boost function.

Falls threaten the independence of elderly people and can cause a cascade of physical consequences. Function and quality of life may deteriorate drastically after a fall, therefore, the focus at Red Canyon Physical Therapy is on preventing falls or reducing the number of future falls and fall-related while maintaining as much of the patient’s function and independence as possible.

Red Canyon Physical Therapy is an independently-owned practice that offers dedicated personal service and balance training for patients in Frederick, Hagerstown, Columbia, and Owings Mills. We work with insurance companies to determine copays, deductible amounts and keep patients informed of their status. We are happy to files claims on patients’ behalf, and also offer sliding payment scales and payment plans. Contact us today for more information.