Workers’ Comp

An injury on the job can affect more than just your body, it can affect your livelihood. Most injuries that happen on the job require some degree of physical therapy, and doctors often refer patients to a physical therapy clinic after their first visit for the appropriate level of rehabilitation. Red Canyon Physical Therapy is an independently-owned practice that offers dedicated personal service and rehabilitation care for patients suffering from work-related injuries in Frederick, Hagerstown, Columbia, and Owings Mills. We work closely with employees and employers to foster an open communication and to develop an appropriate treatment program that makes sense for each individual while helping to minimize costs.

A man getting a band aid for a construction accident

Returning Employees to Work Safely and Quickly

We understand that lost time impedes productivity. Our therapist examines the specific functions of the job and develops a strategy designed to heal effectively while decreasing the amount of time that you are absent from work. Many find that exercising some form of transitional duties accelerates recovery while boosting morale. Our therapists carefully craft treatment plans to minimize lost time claims for employers while listening closely to our patients’ needs.

Our program covers a wide range of services, from simple but necessary preventative safety measures to intricate post-injury rehabilitation. We treat work-related injuries of all types, but some of the more common ones we see include:

  • Fall injuries, including sprains
  • Repetitive-motion injuries such as back pain or carpal tunnel
  • Overexertion injuries, including muscle strains and tears

Red Canyon Physical Therapy is also committed to ensuring the billing process is managed properly and efficiently so both employee and employer can focus on healing and returning to work quickly. Once an employer gives consent to be billed for work-related medical attention, we can proceed in tandem with any major insurance company. We are happy to file claims on clients’ behalf. Our goal is for both employee and employer to focus on healing and getting back to work quickly. Contact us today for more information.