Neuropathic & Chronic Intractable Pain Treatment with the Xavant Stimpod NMS460

Have neuropathic pain? Chronic intractable pain? Tried conventional methods without any luck? Well the Xavant Stimpod NMS460 could help you. Here is a little background information on the company that created the device, how the device works, and the conditions it can treat.
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Preventative Measures to Decrease the Risk of Injury While Shoveling

It’s that time of year! With the winter months finally here, it is only a matter of time until we get snowstorms. No matter the amount, snow can pile up and be quite heavy. With shoveling snow, there can be an increased risk of injury due to carrying, tossing, bending, and lifting heavier loads. It is our goal to give you a few steps in order to decrease the risk of possible injury.

The first step to avoid injury while shoveling is warming up. Prior to heading outside, it is helpful to perform light exercise. Light exercise for 5-10 minutes is useful for priming the cardiovascular system and warming up the musculature required for shoveling. Some activities you can perform can include squats, hip hinges, and upper/lower body stretches.
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