3 Ideas to Improving Physical Health in 2024

2024 is here and individuals are always trying to make all types of New Year’s resolutions. Make your physical health a priority throughout 2024 by following these three activities highlighted below.


Stretching Routine

Make stretching a priority going into 2024. Performing stretches everyday has many effects to improve physical health. Stretching is beneficial to prevent injury, improve flexibility, and improve posture. Finding 5-6 stretches that you can perform throughout your day focusing on muscles you find tighter than others will give you the most benefit. Be sure to hold the stretches for 30-60 seconds and stop if you experience increased pain as you might do more harm than good. One easy way to make stretching a habit is to perform them once in the morning and before you go to bed.

New Sport or Hobby

Finding a new hobby or sport is a great way to stay active throughout 2024.It is important to find an activity that you are interested in and can keep up with. Whether it is pickleball, swimming, running, walking, hiking or other activities they are all great to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. Finding friends or family and setting goals are great ways to make it fun and  stay engaged.

Strengthening program

A good strengthening program is another way to stay active going into and throughout 2024. Strengthening has many health benefits like improving muscle and bone health and improving ability to perform daily activities. Body weight exercises and using items like a gallon jug or can of corn are great ways to start a strengthening program without breaking the bank on a gym membership or equipment. Finding a routine of 3-4 days a week with rest days in between will be important to see good benefits. Setting goals to progress weight, sets, and reps with exercises when they are easy will allow you to continue to improve strength over time.